Reading Challenges and Book Club Reads

Reading challenge is a challenge that basically challenges your ability of reading. It makes you read more in a year and it expands the diversity of reading.

In 2019, I took only Goodreads challenge and i finished it. To have a goal to read a particular book makes you more efficient in reading. So in 2020, I have decided to participate in a few reading challenges as well as book clubs. The book clubs and reading challenges that I’m going to participate in 2020 are below.

TBR Pile Reading Challenge

This challenge is created by Rick through his bookstagram account.

The Rules are:
1. Post a picture of your TBR pile (your full pile doesn’t have to be in the picture if it is too big) before 12/1
2. In the captions make sure you state the following (wording of your choice):
-“I’m joining @(all of us in this message) for the 2020 #TBRpilechallenge”
-Your own defined goal for the challenge for 2020 (number of books from the pile to read, for each book bought read X from the pile, not buy new books until the pile is gone… anything that makes your pile smaller!)
-“I challenge…@(tag as many of your bookish friends you want to challenge)”
-Share the post to your stories and use the hashtag #TBRpilechallenge and tag all of us in this group
During the challenge:
Whenever you finish a book from your pile, post a picture of it and in the captions along with your regular message state that (again wording of your choice):
-“I just finished book number X for the 2020 #TBRpilechallenge”
-Keep challenging as many bookish friends as you wany.

Reading Women Challenge

We all know how this works. Reading Women group will post a prompt and we have to follow the prompt throughout the year and finish the challenge. The prompts are:

Image courtesy: Reading Women Official Instagram Page


This challenge is created by Muffytales. Again here they will provide prompts for every month with a few extras and we have to follow those to finish these. The beauty is there will be a winner every month and at the end of the year, they’ll provide a mocha box by TBB box.
The prompts are:

Image courtesy: Muffytales

Book Critic’s Book Club Reads

This club was started by me in order to lure more people into reading. This is an online book club and there is no botm. So instead there are prompts to finish. The prompts are:

All 3 images are from my book club’s official page

Femibook’s Feminist Book Club

I always wanted to read more feminist books and this book club is just the right choice. So Femi started this book club and there is a botm and we get to discuss it every week. You can join this book club by requesting Femi.

Apart from these, there are many reading challenges and book clubs. But I feel I don’t want to stretch myself by choosing too many. If you have any interesting suggestions, please drop a comment below.